What is a GOLD Membership?

GOLD membership is available for 200 GOLD per month and allows you take full advantage of Clip Studio's services.

GOLD Membership Perks

Get 1,500 Clippy tokens every month plus extra benefits

Get 1,500 Clippy tokens with the first month of your subscription and 1,500 Clippy tokens per month after that, with an additional 20 Clippy tokens per month (1,500 Clippy per month of subscription, 1,520 Clippy after one month, 1,540 Clippy after two months - up to 1,980 Clippy). The longer you keep your membership, the more Clippy tokens you'll earn each month.

Currently, the maximum amount of Clippy tokens you can receive in a month is 1,980 Clippy tokens.

Your Clippy tokens and tickets will not expire

Clippy tokens and tickets both have an expiration date.

Clippy tokens expire at the end of the month, six months after they are earned. Clippy tickets are moved to your Clippy Wallet and turn into Clippy tokens one year after they are earned.

If you have a GOLD membership, your Clippy tokens will not expire and your Clippy tickets will not be turned into Clippy tokens.

Note: If you are not a GOLD member, your Clippy tokens expire and your Clippy tickets are transferred to your Clippy Wallet at the end of each month. If you cancel your GOLD membership, at the end of the month your Clippy tokens will expire and Clippy tickets will be transferred to your Clippy Wallet.

Apply for a GOLD Membership here