Cloud Services Terms

1. Definitions

Definitions of terms used in the Cloud Services Terms (hereinafter referred to as “Cloud Terms”) are subject to the Celsys Terms of Service (English) (, except when otherwise stated in this agreement or other cloud service agreements.

  • 1.Synchronization
    The use of cloud services to keep data on local PCs and cloud data mutually up-to-date and consistent.
  • 2.Cloud Data
    The data that is uploaded to the server via synchronization.
  • 3.User
    The person using the cloud service.

2. Use of the Cloud Services

  1. Users shall use Cloud Services in accordance with the Celsys Terms of Service, Cloud Terms, and other various regulations.
  2. Users may use the Cloud Services to synchronize certain data in a manner and application separately specified by the Company.

3. Storage Period & Capacity

  1. Cloud data for a Clip Studio account that has not transferred data for syncing for over a year will be deleted.
  2. The data limit for cloud storage is 10 GB. However, this does not apply to Users that are using a service or benefit that allows an increase in the maximum capacity according to conditions and methods separately specified by the Company.
  3. Regardless of the maximum storage period, cloud data may be damaged or lost due to natural disasters, accidents, system failures, or other unexpected problems. Please note that lost cloud data cannot be recovered.

4. Deletion of Cloud Data

Celsys may delete cloud data without prior notice if any of the following conditions apply. Please note that deleted cloud data cannot be recovered.

  • 1.The User's Clip Studio account has been deleted.
  • 2.If Celsys determines that the User has violated the Celsys Terms of Service, the Cloud Terms, or other terms and conditions;
  • 3.Any other conduct deemed inappropriate by Celsys.

5. Disclaimers

  1. Although Celsys provides services and systems for synchronizing and managing data to Clip Studio account users via the Cloud Services, Celsys shall not be obligated to manage or monitor the Cloud Data uploaded by Clip Studio account users.
  2. Celsys accepts no responsibility for the content of data uploaded by Clip Studio account users via the Cloud Services. Celsys shall not be liable for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the content of the data or any other use of the Cloud Service.

6. Changes to these Terms

  1. Celsys may change these Cloud Terms at its discretion. The changed Terms shall be effective immediately from being displayed on the Service. Clip Studio account holders shall accept the changed Terms shown on the Cloud Service before using the Cloud Service.
  2. Celsys shall notify users on the Service of the content of the changes approximately 7 days before the effective date of such changes. Celsys shall also notify Clip Studio account holders by email. However, any changes to the Terms based on legal requirements may not be communicated in advance, and shall be notified on the Service after the change.
  3. Celsys does not accept any responsibility for damages incurred to the User due to changes to these Cloud Terms. However, this shall not apply in cases where Celsys is intentionally or grossly negligent.

First published: June 30, 2015
Modified (Version 3): December 14, 2016